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Pest Control

Pest Control Melbourne

Pest Control Melbourne offers professional flying insect control, fumigation, rodent control, crawling insect control, bird control & rodent control services.

Say Bye to Pests with Our Unbeatable Pest Control Solutions

Tired of those ugly creatures called pest that disturb your everyday life with just their presence? Let Squeak Pest Control Melbourne give those pests a hard time. Using eco-friendly pest control solutions along with the latest technology we remove all sorts of domestic as well as commercial pests.

Squeak Pest Control is a local company of Melbourne, delivering guaranteed pest control solutions for more than twenty years. Our experience lets us differentiate between commercial pests and domestic pests and we know how to handle them with different methods for effective results. We cover pests ranging from wasps, cockroaches, mice, rats, flies, fleas, dust mites, bird mites, house fly, blowflies, grain beetle, bed bugs, Indian meal moth, fermentation flu, biscuit beetle, ants, mosquitoes, to spiders.

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Pest Control Melbourne

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    Pest Control Solutions for Homes

    Don’t let harmful pests roam free in your homes. Come to Squeak Pest Control and we will make your home absolutely pest free. Being locals of Melbourne we know which pests are common here and how to treat them with efficiency. With our guaranteed pest control solutions you can live with safety and comfort.

    Pest Control Solutions for Offices

    If you have no tolerance for pests in your office or commercial property then come to Squeak Pest Control Melbourne. We have experience in providing pest control solutions to hotels, restaurants, cafes, food retail stores, bars, food courts, food processing outlets, and pubs. In addition to this, we also provide Cockroach Pest Control solutions are available for schools, industrial sites, offices, shops, warehouses, and practically any property. From a one-time pest control treatment to annual pest treatments – we can take care of all pest related problems.

    Cockroach Pest Control Melbourne

    Pre Purchase Pest Inspection Melbourne

    The team of our pest controllers also offers pre-purchase pest inspection services that make sure that you are investing in the right property. It is important you have a pre-purchase pest inspection before buying a house. Our agents do a thorough inspection to find out whether the property is under pest attack. And if there is pest infestation in the home, we can also provide the best pest treatment on the same day.

    Rodent Control Melbourne

    Rodents are able to chew everything they can even deteriorate your wood furniture, clothes and other objects as well. Thus, they should not be presented at your home. And removing them from home personally is not a simple task most people avoid dealing with them personally and prefer calling professionals for the job. You can get rodent control services from the experts of Squeaky Pest Control. We have a team of best technicians and excellent equipment.

    Rodent Control Services
    Spider Pest Control Services

    Spider Pest Control

    House corner filled with nets of spider does not look good, either you wipe off the nets many but you can see them again that means killing spider will only be the permanent solution. Spider also invite other insects and pests in the house. Getting fear of them is common, so it is advised to take a professional’s help for the Spider Control. Spider control needs safety kit so that the spider does not fall upon your body and create a health risk. Professional service is very useful and last longer.

    Our Pest Control Methodologies

    We have designed exclusive pest control methodologies to fight with a variety of pests in Melbourne. Some of our favourite pest control solutions are:

    • Electronic Flying Insect Killers

      We have special electronic devices for killing flying insects. We have invested in a technology that enables you to kill flying insects in a hygienic and safe way. These devices can be used anywhere inside a home or office to protect the internal atmosphere from flying insects. We make these devices in adherence to set legal, health, and safety requirements. We guarantee optimum performance from our electronic flying insect killer.

    • Bird Deterrents

      For removing birds from your premises we have evolved a unique and natural way without harming the bird population. We use:

      • Electric bird deterrent treatment
      • Bird spikes
      • Optical bird scarer
      • Bird netting

      Bird nests are not easy to remove so it would be best to hire experts to do the job.

    • Heat Treatment

      Squeak Pest Control uses heat treatment for pest control in exported and imported goods. We keep Melbourne safe by ensuring no pests enter our vicinity. In heat treatment, we make use of eco-friendly (non-toxic) gases to sterilize or devitalize the goods. We use heat treatment for products including grains, water hyacinth, bark products, Bali birdseeds, grass thatching, herbs, and moss products. Our professionals are experienced in using heat treatment for pest control and they know how to control the temperature to avoid burning of products.

    Pest Control Service

    Tips for Pest Prevention

    Professionals from Squeak Pest Control Melbourne can get rid of all kinds of pests but it is important to follow simple steps as a precaution to avoid letting pests into your property. These prevention tips are:

    • Always store food in airtight containers.
    • Keep your property in spick and span condition.
    • Change the dustbin bag daily.
    • Daily vacuum and mop your floors.
    • Do not let spills on the floor untreated.
    • Keep your pets clean.
    • Keep gardens clean by mowing the lawn and trimming plants regularly.
    • Don’t let any cracks unsealed.
    • Clean the under furniture regularly.
    • Don’t allow easy entry for pests through doors or windows.
    • Do not provide accessible food or water to pests.
    • Do not let dirty dishes lay in sink overnight.
    • Cover your windows with fly screens.

    Don’t worry if you still face pest problem; Squeak Pest Control is available 24×7 for your service!

    Pest Control Services

    Professional Pest Control Services

    Why Opt for Squeak Pest Control Melbourne?

    Squeak Pest Control is known for delivering guaranteed pest control services at the lowest prices in Melbourne. We are the no. 1 choice of numerous Melbourne residents because:

    • We offer the most affordable pest control solutions.
    • We are members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association.
    • Our professionals are licensed and certified.
    • We don’t use any toxic elements for pest control.
    • We ensure no hidden charges.

    To get the finest, safest, and most reliable pest control solutions in Melbourne call Squeak Pest Control!


    How often should pest control be done?

    We recommend you to get a pest control inspection as well as service if required after every 3 months. This will help you in keeping the pests away from your place and live a risk-free life.

    How long does professional pest control last?

    The professionals are well trained and experienced in the service. They know better what to be done for different pests. So it generally takes 20-30 minutes for a normal size room. Rest depends upon your room size and their number.

    Where should I look for Bedbugs?

    The bedbugs are generally seen in the bedroom. In the case of infestation, they can be seen anywhere in your house.

    Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia